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Information Website

Probably the most common type of website intended, as the name suggests to be a source of information about a company, organisation, event or individual.

In the past many of these were static websites, with occasional updates when details changed, for example dates, prices or other matters. The website design company would have had to implement these changes.

Most websites are now dynamic, with updates being made on an ongoing basis through Content Management Systems (CMS) and increasingly through Blogs and feeds from social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Most of this can be carried out by the individual or organisation themselves.

Whether you want to take control of maintaining the content of your website yourself or want us to do so is now your decision.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Websites are those intended to facilitate the sale of goods or services on-line through an internet shop.

There are a wide range of options available from shops intended to deal with a small number of transactions to more complex affairs which can comfortably handle a high volume of transactions.

Payment systems are integrated allowing purchasers to pay on-line with credit or debit cards and through PayPal and similar systems.

Merchant Services are provided by a range of suppliers at many levels, to suit everything from the smallest business with the occasional sale right up to the largest business which may handle vast volumes of transactions.

Website Elements

There are elements such as Blogs which at one time would have occupied a website of their own, but are now being integrated into Information and E-Commerce websites along with social networking elements.

While some of these elements are a necessary part of the core purpose of the website, others are included to help with Search Engine Optimisation and to improve the websites performance.

Irish Web can explore your current needs and look forward to see how they may evolve in the coming years.

You will then have the information you need to help you make the decision as to what the best solution is for your business or organisation now and as it evolves in the future.

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Website Design from Irish Web Design

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