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Irish Web Design is a descriptive term applied to website design and related work carried out by and on behalf of Gladsmuir Limited.

The domain irish-web.com showcases the website design and related work of Gladsmuir Limited.

All billing will be carried out by Gladsmuir Limited under it’s own name or the registered business name ‘Contemporary Photography’

Gladsmuir Limited – company registered in Dublin number 544011
Trading as Contemporary Photography – business name registration number 519240
Registered address 87 Kingsgrove, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Directors: Oliver Murray, Ruth Murray
t: 059 863 3780 – m: 085 248 3053

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Terms and Conditions

This outline of our main Terms and Conditions is for information purposes only.

The Terms and Conditions that apply to any work carried out may vary from those set out below.

Errors and Omissions Excepted


Staged payments are required and need to be agreed before work commences.
First payment due prior to website construction.
Final payment including any additional costs must be paid when website is completed and prior to the site going live.
The balance of the initial cost must be paid after 90 days if the site has not been completed for any reason.
Websites will not be renewed, hosted or serviced under any circumstances if fees are outstanding.
Any website may be placed ‘Under Maintenance’ at any time at the discretion of Irish Web Design.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing it is the responsibility of the client to supply all photographs, illustrations, logos and other material along with all text, captions, key words and descriptions in a timley manner.
Delays in the supply of content may result in increased costs.


It is a pre-condition that Irish Web Design will only undertake work where it is understood that any additions which are not included in the original specification must be paid for by the client whether any specific reference is made to additional costs or not.

Any additional features, content, research or other options must be settled before the website goes live.
Additional web pages.
Additional website submissions and listings.
Setup Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social media presence.


Irish Web Design have more than 30 years experience in the field of professional photography and design and can supply a full commercial and industrial photography service to generate original images.
Other Image Services:
Edit and process supplied images.
Researching images, illustrations and graphics.
Sourcing ‘Stock’ photography
Sizing and adding alternative text to images.
Photoshop manipulation of images.
Cutting out images from background.
Sizing and adding alternative text to images.
Setup client studio for ongoing production of stock photographs.


Text can be prepared and descriptions written for all elements of the website.
Descriptions and key words can be researched and prepared.


Graphic design.
Downloadable brochures, vouchers and forms can be created.
Logo design can be arranged as part of the original design.


A wide range of service and maintenance packages are available to suit all circumstances.

Please note that standard domain registration (and renewal) or website hosting packages do not contain any service or maintenance element.

Services offered include:

  • Monitored website security
  • Software installation and updating
  • Content management
  • Emergency repair and restoration

It is recommended that software should be updated frequently for security and quality reasons.

Irish Web Design can accept no responsibility for issues that may arise from out of date software and plugins.


Irish Web Design require that clients have the right to use any copyright material supplied.

All graphics, illustrations and photographs supplied by Irish Web Design are copyright of Gladsmuir Limited trading as Contemporary Photography.

Gladsmuir Limited asserts it’s rights under Irish, UK and European Copyright Law.

Unauthorised use of any photograph or other material will incur a License Fee of not less than €250 per use.

Multiple use of all or any part of a graphic, illustration or photograph within the same publication, website or elsewhere will incur seperate Licence Fees.


All estimates are based on an allowance of time to carry out each element or task required to complete the specific project.
Where actual time required exceeds the estimate that additional time will be charged at the agreed rates.


The first hour of computer work in each day is charged at the full rate.
Subsequent hours in the same period are billed at a reduced hourly rate.


On-going design and maintenance costs will generally be invoiced on or about the 14th of the month.
Payment is due within 14 days or by the 28th of the same month, whichever is the sooner.
Where costs are estimated to exceed €100 a retainer may be required.
In any period where costs exceed the monthly estimate interim payments may be required.


All work is undertaken on the express understanding that clients, their employees and agents full understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Irish Web Design.

Terms and Conditions – Irish Web Design – Errors and Omissions Excepted

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